The little cob cottage is transformed again

After finally getting the cow poo smell off our hands (our latest work on the cottage had cow poo incorporated in the finishings!) we decided it was time to post a quick update - with some photos from our latest workshop. We had 9 lovely people embark on our land to learn together, being taught by Rose Tuffery, a local natural builder. We covered base and top coats of natural earth renders, different textures you can create, including scratching as you will see in the beautiful mandala photos. We also looked and had a play with making clay paints and discussed earth floors. You will see the recipes of the natural plasters we had for our cottage, but these can not just be taken and copied elsewhere (of course you can try) but what we are trying to say is that everyone's clay, sand, climate etc is different and they must be tested and tried for each circumstance. Enjoy the beautiful photos and we will keep you up to date as she continues to transform!