Spring is on its way-tips on growing healthy seedlings

I feel the season is changing as the pace gets a bit busier and we change up a gear to get ready for Spring; that magical time when everything seems to come to life again! So now is the perfect time to be planting your seeds so they are ready to plant out when the weather is a bit warmer. Not only is growing your own seeds satisfying, you save money and are a part of that wonderful process of growing your own food. And the best part is - everyone can do it! No matter the size of your garden or pots, this magical process of growing your own food is available to all!

Below is a few tips on growing healthy seedlings, please feel free to download this. If all of this is completely new to you - great! We have had good success with seeds from Love Plant Life and Sethas Seed. We use our Crafty Gatherer seed raising trays made from untreated macracarpa wood that can be used year after year, you could also use old punnets or even egg cartons. If you have any questions please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, we are happy to help.

Please note: not all seeds need to be raised in seed trays, e.g. carrots, peas, beans, corn - these can be sown directly into the garden.




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