Saving seeds dry method

Seed is incredible, beautiful, magical and sacred. The nature of seed is to go to seed, to multiply, give in abundance, to be shared. To be a seed saver is one of the most important jobs we can do, especially in this time because the populating of this planet and its diversity and the life on it takes place through the seed. Seed saving by our ancestors was one of the most important jobs they did, they survived because they grew and saved seeds they knew would nourish their people. When it comes to homesteading, there is no more valuable way to provide for yourself than letting your plants go to seed and saving it to use again.

Below we use our Crafty Gatherer seed saving screens in our 'dry method' of saving seeds. This system uses different sizes of mesh that you rub the seed plant over which helps to release the seed and separate it from the chaff and is captured in the seed screen below it.  Watch the video for a better demonstration.  Also below the video we have put together a seed saving diagram that may be useful, as a step-by-step guide, you can right click the picture and download it if you please!.

Teresa PartridgeComment