Keeping snuggly in winter with salt bags

When we were wwoofing in Holland many moons ago in a macrobiotic community we were introduced to salt bags (amongst many things!) A macrobiotic lifestyle was popularized in Japan, and so they adopted a lot of Japanese ideas into their way of living.

One of these ideas was salt bags, where we would heat up rock salt and put it in a pillowcase to keep toasty and warm through the night. So here we share with you another Simple.Sustainable.Solution to adopt....

When the winter months are well and truly set in, a lovely little treat we enjoy, is to get out our salt packs, warm them in the wok and throw them in the bed to warm up. They stay warm next to our body all night and the minerals in the salt are beneficial too - so it's a win/win. They are a great power saving, less dangerous alternative to electric blankets, hot water bottles and wheat packs.

The Japanese use salt in their traditional healing techniques to energize and strengthen organs, help with muscle aches, period problems, constipation and digestion.

Place 3-4 cups rock salt in a wok, and heat the salt up then place in an old pillowcase, be careful as salt can get very hot!  The same salt can be used up to ten times or until it is discoloured. You can then use the old salt for home made cleaning products.

Don't put the salt in the microwave! Just my opinion - but this alternative to the popular wheat bag in the microwave makes so much more sense.