Broadforks to save the day....

The broadfork is here to save the day!!! Well we believe so anyway! Marco and his friend Fitzy have been busy creating, changing, improving an awesome broadfork that has six tines that are 450mm deep. These tines pierce the soil as you use your body weight to lever the bar back.  Watch the video above for Marco giving a demonstration on how to use it. At the end of the blog is another video on Marco showing how strong the broadfork is in a very compacted paddock, we wouldn't necessarily use the broadfork for breaking up this kind of soil for a garden bed, but does show the strength of the tines.  .

The broadfork is one of our best friends in the garden because:
- It aerates the soil;
- Creates better drainage,
- Keeps the beneficial microorganisms and ecology in the soil,
- It does not allow weed seeds, which are hidden under the soil to come to the surface and germinate,
- It is great for breaking up compacted soil, and for digging over your beds each season
-  You are not relying on outside sources like gas and oil and its not going to break down and need maintenance,
- Our broadfork is really strong.

Our broadforks are made right here in the Bay of Plenty by Marco and Fitzy, from recycled steel when possible. Our broadforks are pretty cool - because they unbolt to become a three piece, for easy transportation and weigh just over 12kg, so very manageable. We believe a broadfork should last a life time which is why we have made ours completely out of steel for durability. Marco and Fitzy are also busy working on a smaller model which will have only four tines, that are slightly shorter as well - for those smaller gardens or raised beds.

As gardeners one of our most important jobs is to grow soil. Over time using your broadfork your soil will become softer, have better drainage, better texture and structure, and the beneficial organisms will think you are pretty great for looking after them! We are taking orders now, email

We have also partnered with the Six Figure Farming Tour NZ and will be giving away a Broadfork at the Thames workshop that we will be attending. We are excited about this opportunity as Jean-Martin Fortier and Curtis Stone, both from Canada, are amazing market gardeners, and use broadforks as part of their gardening methods. You can read more about the tour and about Jean-Martin and Curtis by clicking on the picture below.

Need more proof about the Crafty Gatherer broadfork? Check out this video below which shows Marco using the broadfork in a really compact paddock at our property.

Teresa enjoying her broadfork in the garden! This photo was taken 3 and half weeks ago - gosh the garden has changed a lot since then - thankyou rain and sunshine!

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