REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE - a little inspiration to get you started

We all have those items at home that we just can't seem to get rid of, even though they don't serve a purpose any more. OR a friend is about to throw something out, that just seems to good for the landfill! This is where repurposing comes into play, and our crafty juices can get flowing! Not only are you helping the waste problem, you are also stepping out of consumerism by not buying new. Repurposed/recycled items are awesome because they are FREE, but they are also really creative, something a little different! Sometimes they take longer to get, obviously it is opting out of the 'instant, want it now' culture but the time to make it is always satisfying and worth it

Below are some photos of ways we have recycled some items at our home, maybe it will be just the inspiration to get you started (trust us it's addictive) and once you get an eye for it, you are always on the look out!

An extractor fan with flare...a recycled copper colander and a recycled copper flue!

Pot hanger made from wooden ladder

Think about ways you can recycle items to make gifts! This was a beautiful present for our 7th wedding anniversary (which is apparently the year of copper). Marco made me a wind chime from recycled copper pipe, it sounds beautiful. Presents are always so much better when they have had thought like this!

Our recycled pallet bed, with four storage boxes on each side made from pallets too

Curtains made from old woollen blankets, and a kanuka pole from a friends farm for the hanger

Let's look at some lightshades - first, this one is made from an old bowl found by mum and dads compost bin

This lampshade is made from the top of a gas bottle, Marco used the bottom of them to make biochar burners

And lastly, these lampshades made from old agee jars

This is my beautiful bench in my kitchen Marco made from recycled Rimu from an old home and a granite bench top that was destined for the skip!

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