Cobb Cottage workshop - Jan 16-24 2016 - come join us!

Wanna get your crafty on and learn how to build a tiny home from start to finish?

We are holding a 9 day intensive Cobb Cottage Workshop at our place in the Papamoa Hills in January.

Rosa Henderson and her team will be running the workshop. Rosa has an extensive and impressive CV of eco buildings and natural structures from all over the globe.

There are only 15 places for students available, and the workshop is comparatively inexpensive and will fill up fast with an early bird discount of $60!

If you can get the time off, if you are physically fit, and if you want to have a great time learning about natural construction while building some great community relationships then visit for more information and to register!

Ps - lots of crafty gathering going on here to get ready for it

Teresa PartridgeComment