We are feeling the tide of change and the want and desire in people to relearn some of the wonderful traditions we have lost. To reconnect with their natural environment, their food and align their minds with their actions. Maybe we can help in some way on your journey.

Whether you want some help designing your garden, need some advice, or would like some help with a building project that fits with our values we would love to help. These may include help with; building with and re-using 'waste’ materials, biochar burners, compost toilets, orchards, growing as much as you can on an urban property, how to start a garden, how to build healthy soil, regenerative agriculture, lowering your impact, sustainable design, building with cob, appropriate technology, traditional living, growing enough food to sustain your family…anything else you think of….get in touch.

A couple of packages for garden consults are below; for other advice, we can tailor a package to your needs.

Option1: Mini consult and advice package (roughly 1.5 -2 hours) $120:

This is basically a one off discussion, to talk through your ideas, to encourage and inspire

- Sit down with you (ideally everyone involved in the design) to discuss your time, energy and financial budgets, what you would like out of the site (e.g. how much and what kind of foods) and what elements you would like in the design e.g. herb gardens, productive vegetable and fruit gardens, compost system, poultry system, no dig-or raised beds, etc.

- Walk around your property to get a feel and observe the characteristics (e.g. sun, wind, slope, existing gardens etc) and draw up a quick sketch of ideas we have talked about.

- Re-walk the site with you and hear your ideas, and discuss a way forward and next steps.

Option 2: Consult, advice and design package (roughly 5 hours) $350

Same as above plus the following below:

- Go away and come up with some ideas, a basic sketch and concept design, basic next steps, list of plants etc.

- Re-meet to discuss ideas.

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