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Begin-a Garden Workshop

Come and join Sally and Tess in this exciting workshop where you will set yourself up with the skills and knowledge to start growing vegetables for yourself and your family! Maybe you have tried in the past and nothing grew or maybe you just aren't quite sure where to start - we believe we all have the ability to grow even the basics in an organic, nourishing way.

Having a healthy garden first and foremost is about looking after and building the soil life, the gift from doing that is nourishing kai. This will be a hands on workshop where you get to see and experience how to start a new garden bed with different techniques, how to prepare the soil for success, how to plant seedlings and how to nurture them in the soil till harvest time.

It is a great idea to get your garden started this Autumn so come Spring you have your beds dug, you have added fertility, you've created your plan and you are ready for a banging Summer garden.

Get in touch - spaces are limited!

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Later Event: April 14
Begin-a Garden Workshop