Aerated Compost Tea Brewer

Aerated Compost Tea Brewer


Just like us, our plants need food, to help them grow into strong healthy plants.

Compost tea is a living liquid; not a fertiliser, the goal of aerated compost tea is to grow soil microbes (fungi, bacteria, protozoa and nematodes). The aerated compost tea brewer can grow these soil microbes in an efficient manner by using healthy compost (that already has microbes present) along with microbial foods that bounce through aerated water, to allow the microbes to breathe, grow and multiply.

Our aerated compost tea brewer creates a vortex which is a superior way to achieve oxygen retention in the brew that constantly exposes the solution to oxygen and mimics a rolling river. When water flows in this natural vortex rhythm it creates a vibration that brings the water energetically alive and infuses this into the brew as well.

So why do we want these microbes in our garden anyway? Microbes are magical and abundant, we cannot see them, but they are accomplishing vital processes to create healthy soil. Soil is like the gut of the plant, if it is healthy, so is the plant – just like us humans. When soil is teeming with diverse soil biology (microbes) it can thrive! The soil microbes are like builders, building underground cities (the soil structure), our job is to consistently bring the microbes in to create these cities, once built you can reap the benefits.

The average garden, farm and orchard is seriously lacking in this biology for various reasons such as pesticides, herbicides, tilling etc but we can regenerate it through aerated compost tea. When the brew is done you are spraying on and inoculating your plants and soil with millions of beneficial aerobic  microorganisms. By creating balance in the microbial life, both in the soil and on the leaves of the crop, you are able to create healthy soil and strong plants that are more resistant to disease and pests – and this brings a host of other benefits:

-          Microbes feed the plants, they eat the exudates given off by the plant and also eat each other; making food constantly available to plants to take up whenever they need it, so over time you can wean yourself off that fertiliser.

-          Microbes help to build soil structure which helps the soil to retain water and organic matter – meaning less watering!

-          By adding compost tea onto the leaf surface of plants, the leaf surface is then occupied by beneficial organisms, so the pests and pathogens cannot reach the plant surface.

-          Compost tea uses a small amount of compost, helping a little compost go a lot further and through the brewing process the microbe population multiplies as well!

-          You will have improved soil structure and biology which means larger and more abundant crops.

The compost tea brew can also be used to soak seeds before planting, soak tree roots or seedlings before transplanting, to heal diseased plants, inoculate your compost pile, foliar spray in the orchard and can even be used on your household plants.

Our aerated compost tea brewer has a tap which makes it easy to decant into your sprayer. Compost tea is aerated for 24 hours and is then sprayed on using a sprayer or watering can on the soil or as a foliar spray.

Kit comes with all you need to start brewing; including pipes, taps, pump, as well as instructions, tips and enough ‘ingredients’ to prepare two compost tea brews. Some parts will need to be assembled. one pipe connection will need to be glued (glue not supplied). Shelves are not included, to buy these separately click here.
Note: plastic bucket is a recycled food-grade bucket, steam cleaned and triple-rinsed!

The ingredients and recipe you are given to brew have been have been tested and verified independently by Soil Food Web Lab Testing here in New Zealand.


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