Broadforks - different sizes

Broadforks - different sizes

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Want to save time in the garden and improve your soil? Well the broadfork is here to save the day! We have two sizes available depending on your garden needs, soil, strength, garden size etc.

Our broadforks have been engineered, tested and tried since 2016. They are made from high strength steel and unbolt to become a three piece, for easy transportation. Our broadforks are strong and pierce the soil easily as you use your body weight to lever the bar back. We believe after many trials and research that steel handles are stronger which is why we have chosen these.

Specifications of each below:

- Large: 630mm wide, x6 450mm tines, 1.2m handles, weighs 8.5kg
- Medium: 500mm wide, x5 350mm tines, 1.2m handles, weighs 7.35kg

There are optional monkey bars (see video below for them in action) these are great for ergonomics and they are less stress on your wrists. Would highly recommend ($50 extra)

Optional BMX pegs - These are great with the large broadfork as two people can prep the bed together, like dancing down an aisle. One on each side working in unison ($40 each).

If you have a specific size broadfork you would like, please get in touch for a custom order and we will try and work with you.

We personally double dig our beds initially to give them the best start then use the broadfork/Forksta on the bed forever more. If you do follow a no-dig method and have sheet mulched your beds to start them - the broadfork/Forksta is still a great way to get aeration in there once the beds are established - and we know that air makes up good soil structure.

As gardeners one of our most important jobs is to improve our soils. Check out the video below detailing the benefits of the broadfork, why you would want one as well as seeing it in action.

Made by us in New Zealand. We ship internationally, if your country isn't at checkout for shipping options - please email us.

Monkey Bars:
BMX pegs:
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