Garden belt

Garden belt


Our Crafty Gatherer gardening belt is ready to take on any action in the garden, orchard, market garden or flower farm.

Functional pockets for different activities the day brings ahead, take a little or take a lot, whether you are pruning, weeding, planting, harvesting, digging, forking, snipping or observing, this is the garden belt for you. Our belt was designed to hold the following in whatever combination you prefer:

  • Secateurs

  • Scissors

  • D-ring with clip for keys, string/ties, spray bottle, gloves

  • Separate pocket for pocket knife, pen or blade sharpener

  • Pocket for phone, notebook and cloth

  • Can easily slide pruning saw and Digi digi to the belt

This easy-to-wear design is comfortable, practical and looks great. Has many belt holes ranging from waist measurements 80cm-120cm.

We have both left and right handed gardening belts available. Handcrafted belt by a leather artisan in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, to our Crafty Gatherer design and standard.

Garden belt:
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