Insect Hotel

Insect Hotel


NOTE: Limited quantities available at this time.

Attract beneficial bugs and insects to help pollinate your fruit and vegetables with this beautiful insect hotel. There are many creepy crawlies that we want in our garden such as native solitary bees, lacewings, lady bugs, and many other types of insects that like to nest in small hollows and holes which this insect hotel provides. Not only will this insect hotel provide a home for bugs it is a lovely little art piece too!

Made from all natural locally sourced materials as well as foraged materials such as bamboo and pinecones.

Measurements: 280mm wide x 470mm high x 120 deep

Please note:

-Each insect hotel will be unique in its creation and although it will look similar to the one in the photo will not be identical.
-Some nesting holes are a bit rough to help attract different visitors.
-There is a hole at the top for easy fixing.
-When finding a place for your insect hotel face it towards the sun and with the prevailing wind behind it.

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