Recycled Rimu pot stirrer - 2 sizes

Recycled Rimu pot stirrer - 2 sizes

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Our recycled Rimu pot stirrers are so versatile! Not only are they wooden...meaning you are not putting plastic into a hot pot, it's ergonomic shape means you can get to all the little spots that need stirring. The best feature though - is the little nook which allows you to hang the spoon off the pot - no more sloppy mess on the bench, because you don't know where to put your spoon after stirring! No more melting plastic!

Small pot stirrer is 28cm long and great for everyday.

When it 'tis the season for preserving, you won't go wrong with the preserving pot stirrer, at 49cm long - you got awesome reach. The design helps with no sugar or bits sticking in the corners!

Made by us in New Zealand.

Pot stirrer:
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