The handiest pocket knife you ever did have

The handiest pocket knife you ever did have


The Svord™ mini Peasant knife is made right here in New Zealand (NZ) from Swedish Carbon steel and a hardwood handle. The handiest little knife to carry around all day for those jobs in the orchard, in the garden, in the kitchen and home; not to mention when you are off and about on your outdoor adventures in the bush, at the river or camping!

It's easy to use, easy to carry and to open, you can open it one-handed, hang it from your belt or whisk from your pocket by its handy tang.

This knife was designed by master cutler Bryan Baker based on models used in Bohemia and Bavaria - over 300 years ago. With the idea that peasants had pockets, but no money to fill them. Just the knife…that's all they needed!

We support other businesses who make great quality NZ made products and we want to make them available to you as well. It's all about simple sustainable solutions - this one helps you get the job done there and now, because you have the tool do it on you all the time!

These knives are individually handcrafted, specifications below:

  • Blade Steel: Swedish High Carbon Tool Steel

  • Blade Length: 65 mm

  • Length Open: 170 mm

  • Length Closed: 140 mm

  • Blade Type: Drop-Point

  • Handle Material: Mahogany Hardwood

  • Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee

Care instructions:

  • Never wash this knife in a dishwasher and never leave it wet or in water at any time - it will tarnish.

  • To wash your knife, run it under boiling hot water as this imparts a blue-ish tinge to the steel, if your knife tarnishes use a green scotchbrite

  • To sharpen your knife use abrasive sharpeners such as a diamond steel or a traditional oil stone, never use a Butcher's steel as it is designed to align the edge on soft steel knives.

  • Occasionally you should polish with furniture oil or boiled linseed oil.

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