Seed saving/drying screens

Seed saving/drying screens


If you are into saving your own seeds, then this is the set for you! Forget about struggling to clean your seeds with kitchen colanders, fans and sieves. This is a much faster, effective way to clean your seed ready for storage.

The set contains four handcrafted screens for cleaning and sifting seeds. Made from locally sourced macrocarpa and stainless steel mesh. Solidly made with interconnecting sides so the screens don't move around and you don't lose half the seed out the sides

We have two sets of screens which each have four different sizes of mesh to clean many different types and sizes of seed.

Each screen measures: 300mm x 300mm (inside measurements)

The first set of mesh screen sizes are
– 3.43mm (6x6)
– 2.04mm (10x10)
– 0.98mm (20x20)
– 0.55mm(30x30)

The second set of mesh screens sizes are:

- 5.15mm (4x4)
- 1.29mm (16x16)
- 0.77mm (24x24)
- 0.4mm (40x40)

When it comes to homesteading, there is no more valuable way to provide for yourself than letting your plants go to seed and saving it to use again. These screens are a great investment as you won't have to buy in all your seed each year, and you can pass the screens onto generations to come.

***Check out video below of screens in action!

Made by us in New Zealand.

Seed screen set 1:
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