Merry Christmas Fellow Gatherers

In our beautiful part of the world - the Summer Solstice is here, that time of light and abundance. We are enjoying the bloom, the longer days and all the fun that comes with it!

On reflection of the year - it has been a crazy one for Crafty Gatherer (in the best possible way!) From building a cob cottage on the land with an amazing group of people who soon became friends, to starting our first market, hosting groups, attending workshops and selling over 75 broadforks, including to Australia and India!

Christmas to us is about sharing what we are given, and remembering the original and ultimate gift, the gift of life and light itself. We are so grateful for all the opportunities, all the words of wisdom, all of the help and to everyone who has been a part of our lives this year! So from our little family to yours - Merry Christmas, enjoy your friends and family, let's exude thankfulness for the year and all its gifts!

Check out our new branding iron stamping (to the left)! Moving on from the old DIY way which took OH SO long and didn't look as good - Crafty Gatherer moving forward!

"At the end of a year, remember the good, and leave the rest, knowing it just gets better and better...." some awesome snaps above from 2016!

Remember there's nothing like reusing old paper, or recycling newspaper to wrap those gifts this Christmas, experiences are great (as they are not adding more 'stuff' to this world), buying and supporting local is always a plus and second hand is new and loved by someone else.....BUT if you are running out of time to get crafty for Christmas gifts- don't forget we have some awesome stocking fillers and gifts for that greenie in your life - check out our website shop!

Last but not least - you can catch us at these markets early in the New Year:
Waihi Beach Summer Fair - Friday 6 January 2017
Little Big Markets - Saturday 7 January 2017