The adventures of the Cob Cottage workshop

"Do you want to host a cob cottage workshop at your place?" we got asked by Catherine from Plenty Permaculture midway through 2015. Sounds nice, but no thanks - we have no time to help organise a workshop like that....HANG ON....!!! The opportunity to have a bunch of people reside on our land, create a temporary community and build and manifest a little cottage made from materials from our land? brainer - HANDS UP - of course we will!!!

And what a journey....

From the first liaisons with Rosa from Sculpted Earth, who led the workshop, to gathering the materials from here there and everywhere, to setting up the compost toilet and temporary living space - we knew it was gunna be a great two weeks!

With 17 students, three wwoofers, four teachers and two cooks landing here on 17th January for 9 days, we knew organisation was going to be they key to making this a success! But really - the energy and attitudes of all the wonderful people who came was the real winner. From the get go everyone just wanted to get their hands dirty. The HARDEST workers on a workshop ever! And there was the perfect balance of creativity, (wo)man power and problem solving between the team. Check out the slideshow below (by clicking on the photos) of the beautiful cob cottage they created...and you will see the process along the way. It was like a BIG PARTY for two weeks, with learning, laughter, amazing food and lots of hugs!

Feeling extremely grateful for the experience and all our new friends! There will be another workshop in April for the finishings (renders) so stay tuned....

PLUS we made the local paper - with this really neat little story: