Planting spacers

Planting spacers


Teach your brain the right distances to plant vegetables, as per the biointensive method of gardening. These plant spacers will teach you how to plant in an equal-spaced triangular pattern, instead of in straight rows, so you can plant closer together using all the soil space and have more plants in your bed.

We have five sizes in the pack, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. It will often say on the seed packet the ideal spacing for planting or you can google ‘Grow Biointensive’ master charts.  

Benefits of close plant spacing:

-   Maximise yields

-   When plants mature, the leaves touch and create a living mulch = less weeding!

-   Shade from the plants holds water in the bed, reducing water loss and protecting soil microorganisms

How to use:

Place the planting spacer on your garden bed, drop one seed/ling in each of the holes, and then move the spacer so that the two leftmost holes align with the two rightmost seeds that you just placed, you will see in diagram in photos an example of this offsetting pattern.

Pack comes in holder which can be screwed to your wall or kept on garden shed bench!


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